Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

Starting weight
20 pounds loss
30 pounds loss
40 pounds loss
Today is my birthday!  I was so happy this morning to rip the tag off a brand new pair of size 10 pants from Kohls and throw them on with no issues!  They are actually a little lose! When I started this journey back in October I said I wanted to be a 8/10 as I was that in high school!  I am so proud that even though I have 25 more pounds to lose Im already a 10!

3 kids later and I have worked really hard.  I devote my size not to the weight loss but the running and the gym!  I have trimmed down inches by going to the gym 2-3 days a week on top of my running!  My eating has been awful the past week and I didn't run as much as I wanted to!  But its a new day and I am back at it.  Lets kiss 5 pounds goodbye in the month of June! I would LOVE to go on a fall shopping spree in a size 8 :)

I went on a shopping spree this morning and really loved all the clothes I bought.  I felt great in them.  Also seeing my family and friends this weekend a lot of people complimented me on my weight loss, waist size and overall appearance! Happy Birthday to me the best gift ever!

Monday, May 30, 2011

FREE Online Summer Reading Program!

Summer Reading Program Online

During the summer months, I still like to find ways to keep my kids learning and reading.  Right now, you can get a FREE membership to Mighty Book Jr. when you enter the code learntoread. This is completely free (I didn’t have to provide any payment information) and it’s a $99 value!
Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:
2.  Choose “Single Household Subscription” and enter learntoread in the upper right hand corner where it says “Enter your code here”
3.  Enter your Name, address, e-mail address, username, and password, and you’re ready to go!
You can sort by age groups (they have books available for ages 2-10) and each book comes with a lesson plan, online or printable quiz, and an activity page.  I love it!
(Thanks Mojo Savings!)
from Mellisa's Bargain Blog

Running to RUN!

I have a few races coming up but nothing to "train" for!  I'm loving this!  I can run when I want.  If I work out in the yard all day I can say that was enough and skip my run.  Some days I run a lot, Some days I run fast, Some days I run slow!  But you know what IM RUNNING!  That's more then I ever have.

We had a cookout this past weekend and everyone was talking about my weight loss and just my body changing.  I have muscles, I have shape, they actually asked had I been hitting the gym!  I loved it!  I felt great!

I woke up early this morning trying to get my run in before it hit 90 degrees and everything was GREAT....till I ran into this little guy!  '

Yea cute isnt he?  Well he was cute running outta the woods and back a few times as I approached its dead mother(I didnt realize from afar).  Then that cute little guy all the sudden turned into THIS...
Not so cute little guy.

He was open mouth charging me, jumping back and forth. I was so scared ...yelling, screaming, about to cry! Then a jeep came up to us in the middle of the road and stopped laid on his horn he did nothing but keep at our fight..then he jumped a little to close and I kicked him!  He ran into the woods and I ran on!

I was shaken up and just wanted to get home and find out what the hell I just fought with!  I called jeff and sent him the pic so he could research!  I walked/ran 2 miles in 23 minutes.  Now before I would have been so upset and let it ruin my day!  

  Instead I came home proud I got up early and ran and spent the day planting my contanier garden into a bed Jeff built me and then swimming and laying out while the kids swam!  I am loving just running to run!  I run what I feel like that day! I push when I want to and lay low when I want to.  

Its funny when I talk to people who have been running for a while they all say the same thing.  Ive never run a race, I have no idea how fast or slow I run, I map my mileage before I leave the house or when I get back and just run so I can eat a cupcake or have a drink or two with dinner.  I think Im gonna take this look on running more of just a activity for my personal health rather then Im better, faster, longer then the next guy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


It has been a rough month or two in this household in dealing with my sweet almost 20 month old Casey!

Casey had major spit up issues as a nursed baby so we put him on soy based formula and it got worse!  We put him on milk based and it wasnt great but was better then breast or soy!

Fast forward to around a year and he would have horrid smelling diapers, a very bad rash and always had rosey cheeks..So I spoke with his pediatrician and she said it could be a lactose thing.  So we switched to soy milk..it still happend..So then she suggested getting him off dairy in general..It sucked but we kept him at a soy free milk free diet which was VERY hard!

However it STILL was happening...At his last visit he didnt grow very much and actually dropped down a lot percentage wise.  The doc was a little concerned but said we will watch it.  However the diapers kept coming and hes still not gaining and clothes that were snug are loose!  He stopped waving, saying bye, saying elmo, saying words he had been saying for a while!

So I had him tested and all came back fine..no allergies and no celiac..which we kinda figured since he is under 3 and we heard the test can be very inaccurate.  SO as of now we have an appoitment in June for a GI specalist at a Childrens Hospital.  I am a little nervous but want my baby fixed and now. 

He now just cries and cries and just wants to be held.  He will cry for hours of the day.  I am so frustrated..I love my child do not get me wrong but after a day of crying anyone wants to throw there head through the wall!

We have been playing around with food..offering him milk, cheese, etc..Taking away WHEAT now!  We are thinking he has celiac after reading alot and messing with foods.  He seems to be doing a lot better just in the past week of wheat free..Until today he got a hold of a donut and threw up(very unlike him) I am thinking maybe its a severe reaction since he hasnt had it in a week. 

So pray for us!  Its a very trying time for me right now..Learning Casey and allergies...celiac...something new?!  I love my baby and do not want to see him suffering!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Weigh in Week 27

It wasn't a huge week for weight loss.  I did get some good workouts in which was really good! I got in 10.84 miles in running..some workouts on the arc trainer as well..Of course lots of weights!  I look in the mirror and would love to see things get more toned but I'm working!

I am still trucking.  I am dealing with a lot of issues with Casey and trying to be strong and some days I want to just stick my face in a pan of melted chocolate.  But the more i workout the more I can eat :)

This weeks loss: .6!!

Total weight loss: 38.8 pounds


Caseys Pre Pregnancy weight:  2.4 to go!
Summer 2008 goal: 1.8 to go!
May 31st 10 lb goal 6.2 to go!
life time: 25.2lbs to go!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Target clothing coupons!

Target released a few coupons on apparel..I bought both of these tops reg 19.99 a piece on 75% off clearance plus used the 3/1 and 2/1 Target coupons and paid less then 5.00 for 40 dollars in nice tops!

Drug Store deals 5/19

I only took a pic of Rite Aid..But money is tight and I have to get back out there on Sunday mornings grabbing the deals!  This is what I partook in this week :)

Rite Aid

5 3pk Princess ring pops .50 reg 5.00
Playtex Sippy cup 1.24 reg 4.99
Crayola Poster Crayons(not pictures) .99 reg 3.99
4 Ziploc bags 2.00 reg 2.99 8.00
Crest kids toothpaste 2.99 reg 3.99
- 8.00 in UPS coupons
-.50 Rite Aid peelie(toothpaste)
- 1/2 ziploc coupons x 2
Total oop 3.22 earned 4 back in UPS and saved 10.50!


Graham Crackers 3.99
Marshmallows 1.99
Hershey 6pk 3.01
-1.99 free Marshmallows wyb all 3
Hefty Bags 3.29
Hefty Bags 0.00 bogo 
-1/2 Hefty Bags
-1/3 Smores coupon
8.29 oop
saved 9.16!

2 Neutrogena Sun screen 11.29 each 22.58
-2/1 Neutrogena coupons
16.58 oop earned 10 dollar ECB and saved 6.00! 
5 Pepsi 12 packs 3.25 reg 4.99 16.25
Kraft mayo 2.00 reg 4.99
Wisk 4.99
-3.25 free pepsi wyb 4
1/1 Kraft Mayo
-2/1 Wisk
-10 ECB from before!
6.99 oop saved 31.34
So all in all I spent 35.08 and saved 57!  No extreme couponing but all things we need now or will need over the summer!

Target Trip

I split this up into two transactions so I could save as much as possible!  All deals and printable can be found here..I did the gift card deals first so I could use the gift cards in the second transaction!

2 Schick Hydro 5 Razors 14.98(7.49 each)
-2 3/1 Schick coupons
8.98 and earned a 5 dollar gift card!

4 Frappicuno 4 pks 5.99 each 23.96
-2 2/2 Frappicuno coupons
19.96 oop and earned 10 dollars in gift cards

2 Pond’s 30 ct Towellettes $4.49 each 8.98
-$1.50/1 Pond’s Skin Care Item ETS Target Web Coupon x6/7
-$1.50/1 Pond’s Cream, Towelette or Cleansing Product ETS HERE
2.98 oop!

4 Fiber One Granola Bars 5 ct $2.50 10.00
-$1/2; .40/1 Fiber One Chewy or 90 Calorie Chewy Bars 4-3-11 SS x5/28
8.00 oop!

Zantac or Max Strength 24-30 ct 75-150 mg $7.21 (PC thru 5/28)
-$2/1 Zantac Heartburn Relief 24-ct. or + Target Web Coupon x6/14
-*Request a FREE Sample of Zantac & Get a $5/1 Coupon
= .21 oop!

2 Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream 6.75 oz $4.49 each 8.98 (PC thru 5/21)
= 2.98 oop!

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash 16 oz $3.99 (PC thru 5/28)*
-$2/1 Clean & Clear Product ETS
1.99 oop!

Cars Toy reg 29.99 clearance 7.48 

Playdoh cake set reg 14.99 price cut 10.09
-3.00 peelie
7.09 oop!

Black and Decker Drill reg 29.99 clearance 14.98

Expo Markers 3.49
-2/1 printable
1.49 oop

Mead flash cards 1.79
-1/1 target coupon
.79 oop

3 Lysol hands free wash reg 11.99 clearance 8.48 25.44
- 3 3/1 manu coupons
16.44 oop for 3!

Mice traps reg 4.70 clearance 2.34

Mio Water enchancer reg 3.49
-1/1 manu coupon
-1/1 Target printable
1.49 oop

Hunts ketchup 1.04 
-.25/1 printable
.79 oop

I also saved around 4.00 for using my Target debit card!

Total oop was:  88.43 since I used my 3 gift cards from the 1st transaction on the 2nd!
My savings on my receipts says 72.36 but that doesn't include clearance which is another 50.41! For a grand total of  122.71!


I ran into Walmart the other day and found Wisk hang tags!! WOO HOO The 12 load size is .97 cents and the hang tags were for 2.00!!

4 Wisk 12 load detergents 3.88
2 Gain softners reg 4.18 8.36
- 4 2/1 Wisk hang tags
-2 1/1 Gain softner coupons
2.24 oop!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer reading programs

2011 Summer Reading Programs = Free Books!

2011 summer reading program
Summer entertainment and free prizes! Sign your kids up for summer reading programs at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, H.E.B., Chuck-E-Cheese, HalfPrice Books, or TD Bank and they can earn free books and other prizes.  Details and links to several 2011 summer reading rewards programs are below.
  • 2011 Chuck-E-Cheese Rewards Promotion: This program is not just for reading.  Bring in a 2 weeks completed rewards calendar and your child will receive 10 free tokens.  Food purchase is required.  Ends 12/31/2011.
  • Don’t forget your local library! Nearly every library offers incentives for summer reading and fun activities to occupy your kids during the summer.
For more frugal summer fun, check out summer movies for $1 and free summer bowling for kids.

Thanks to MommySavers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some deals..

Cutter Insect Repellent
TQ: $2/1 Cutter Insect Repellent item (Exp. 6-18)
MQ: $1/1 Any Cutter insect repellent product [smartsource.com]

Cutter Insect Repellent
Cutter Fogger Backyard Bug Control = $2.99 after Qs
Cutter Citro Candle =$2.09 after Qs
Cutter Skinsations, 6oz. =.99¢ after Qs
Cutter All Family pump 6oz. =.99¢ after Qs
Cutter Skinsation Ultra Light, 4oz.  = $1.29 after Qs
Cutter Natural (Deet-free), 6oz. = $1.99 after Qs
Also double pks of the Skinsation Ultra Light at register endcaps for $6.99

Wags- Week of 5/22

 gummy%20worms%20haribo 2 Walgreens Deal: Haribou Gummy Worms Just $.45 Per Bag!!
Beginning on 5/22, Walgreens will have Haribo Gummy bears on sale Buy 1 Get One Free.
How To Work your MoJo and  get them cheap:
Buy 2 Haribo Gummy Bears 5oz $1.49  B1G1 FREE
-(2) .30/1 Haribo Product Coupon (if you can’t find, try zip 90210)
Final Cost = Just $.45 EACH!
Be sure to print your coupons now!, before they’re all gone!

Hot Moneymaker at Walgreens Next Week – Tone Body Wash

Print out the coupon below to get Tone Body Wash as a moneymaker at Walgreens next week (starting May 22)!
Buy Tone Body Wash for $3.99
Use this $2 off coupon
Get $3 in Register Rewards
= $1.01 moneymaker (after coupon and Register Rewards)

Walmart has Wisk 12 load for .97!! Use the 2//1 hang tag for FREE detergent!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What the fluff?

I did not think I would enjoy this cute little fluff balls as much as I am! 

Sleeping chicks
They are sleeping which is hilarious they literally PASS OUT, sometimes falling down and leaning on others for comfort :)

Kids love them
The kids are more then happy to hold and cuddle!! We want them good with people so we are doing lots of handling(and hand washing!!) 

"Jack" Trev named him a very calm bird!

The runt we call happy feet
hawk!  For obvious reasons...Shes so sweet she falls asleep in my hands as soon as I pick her up!
My fav! However they do not like people so far! 
The dare devils of the group!
The kids are loving them!  They are super easy to care for...clean shavings, change the water often, make sure plenty of food, and check the temp!

We have araucana, brahma and black astralop!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop and Shop

I had 5 of the Stop and Shop Catalina from the Hallmark promotion! I needed to use them up this week since I had tons of great coupons and some good sales! I went to self checkout as they had to be done in separate transactions.

Egglands Best eggs reg 3.15 sale 1.88
-.50/1 coupon doubled
6 Natures Valley Bars @ 2.79 each 16.74
-buy2get1 free promo x 2 5.58
-3 1/2 coupons 8.16 or 1.36 each!
-5.00 catalina coupon

4.04 oop saved 12.35!!

Egglands Best Eggs reg 3.15 sale 1.88
-.50/1 coupon doubled
Kraft Cooking Cream reg 3.29 sale 2.50
-2.50 freebie coupon(kraft first taste)
Digiorno Pizza and Wingz combo reg 8.99 sale 5.99
-1.25 coupon
1 Gatorade reg 1.20 sale 1.00
-5.00 catalina coupon

1.62 oop saved 15.01!! 

Digiorno Pizza and Wingz combo reg 8.99 sale 5.99
-1.25 coupon
Silk Almond milk reg 3.19 sale 2.99
-.75/1 printable coupon doubled
bananas 1.65
-5.00 coupon

2.88 oop saved 8.95!!

Digiorno Pizza and Wingz combo reg 8.99 sale 5.99
-1.25 coupon
Hellmans mayo reg 4.39 sale 2.50
-1.00 coupon
-5.00 catalina coupon

1.24 oop saved 12.14!!

I paid 9.78 for 63.73 worth of groceries!  Milk,eggs, dinners, and fruit I may add!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Im a proud new momma!

6 baby chicks day 1

Our neighbors have had chicks now for 2 years.  We were always intrigued but with our dog who killed one of theirs I might add we knew it wasn't possible.  Max(our dog) wasnt a fit for our family and we gave him up for adoption in January and then started thinking about chicks.  So here we go on our next journey!

My fav!! But we only have one :(

We have 3 of these little guys!(Trev picked one, Aubrey the other two)
We have 2 of the yellow kind!
  My neighbor and I shared a batch and I am very excited to get them through these next four weeks and then get them outside!  Jeff is building their coop and run from pallets or free wood we found on craigslist.  It wont be a beautiful thing but its to hold chickens! If we do well we will grab a few more at chicken swaps and what not as our coop will have room for 8!

Sleeping Chicks
So far its been super easy and VERY affordable!  I think its cost us less then 40 dollars to get the chicks and everything they need for the next 4 weeks as well as a waterer for when they are older.  The coop making supplies have been free or stuff we had. 

Curious about the temp gauge :)

In the end to get 4-6 eggs a day starting around the fall for 3 year they will pay for themselves!  As well as teach the kids a little something special.  I dont want them to be little prissy pants like I am!

So far they are Aubreys girls, Aubrey named the yellow one Aubrey, and asked why did our neighbor give us ones that are sick(we were shopping for a thermometer)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great deals

I have found some great deals latley I wanted to share!

Neutrogena sunscreen at CVS next week just .99

Free Reach Toothbrushes at Walgreens

Zantac .21 at Target 

Hunts Ketchup .79 at Target

Customized t Shirt under 5.00

The playroom

I started the playroom project back when I bought new toy storage in this post.  I ended up here..Of course I couldnt STOP there!

I went to Target and added some ABC wall decals for 10-12 dollars for the package..I thought it came out pretty cute!

I also grabbed some dollar spot bins 75% off from Target for the crayons, markers etc I hang up on the wall!   The land of nod boxes were on clearance for around 2-3 dollars a piece for random coloring books, paints and art supplies they have in the playroom.

Next up I grabbed 6 of the 3.99 office crates from Target..we are on a budget and these are super durable and will not break like the wicker baskets I want!

I still want to change out the 2 red bins..I will probably paint them or just splurge and get some at Christmas Tree shop or Target if I can find some in that obnoxious green color the kids love!

Trev and I assembled legos for a few nights and put the assembled ones on these left over shelves I have..I am going to spray paint them eventually just haven't found a paint I like yet! I grabbed the accept no imitations frame from Target for 5-6 dollars.

I grabbed those numbers for .99 cents from Land of Nod and I think they are super cute..Dont really match but I like the numbers and ABC's in the room to encourage them to teach one another as they often play school!

The room as it started...

The room now..Its coming along.  I just need to paint the bins, the shelves and get rid of more toys and it will be complete..for now!

Rite Aid Office Supplies

Rite Aid is having a GREAT clearance on their school supplies/office goodies.  Some stores have it posted some not at all!  I've spent a little over 30 dollars and saved 120!

A2Z 3D Stencils reg 5.99 clearance 1.49
Avery Sign sheets(VERY COOL) reg 8.99 clearance 2.24
Crayola beginnings trangle crayons reg 6.49 clearance 1.62
Brother Label maker reg 29.99 clearance 7.49
Bic Mark It reg 2.89 clearance .72

Erasable Pencils reg 5.49 clearance 1.37
Edging Scissors 3pk reg 4.99 clearance 1.24
Crayola gel paint reg 4.99 clearance 1.24
Crayola gel paint reg 4.99 clearance 1.24
mounting squares reg 2.99 clearance .74
mounting squares reg 2.99 clearance .74
Whacky Markers reg 6.99 clearance 1.74
packing tape reg 3.99 clearance .99
packing tape reg 3.99 clearance .99
crayola crayons reg 6.49 clearance 1.62
crayola crayons reg 6.49 clearance 1.62
Print works multicolor paper pack reg 6.99 clearance 1.74
easel 6pk reg 3.49 clearance .87
Poster Carrier(cant wait to use this) reg 2.99 clearance .74!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Weigh in Week 26

I am a little shocked by this weeks weigh in..However I have been running a lot this week!  I also did a lot of work in the yard and did pretty good with my eating!

I love salads with lettuce, tomato, avocado, fat free feta cheese and Fanny's Italian dressing. I also have been eating a nice filling 300-350 calorie dinner a few nights a week...Chicken Sausage and Veggies..Sorry the pic is above blogger is being dumb.

I covered 9.93 miles this week in running as well as some gym time one night this week. I have 3 more weeks to lose 6.8 pounds I hope it happends!

This weeks loss: 2.4!!

Total weight loss: 38.2 pounds


Caseys Pre Pregnancy weight:  2.4 to go!
Summer 2008 goal: 1.8 to go!
May 31st 10 lb goal 6.8 to go!
life time: 25.8lbs to go!

Lowell 7k!

Holy horrible event batman!  Poorly organized, kinda ghetto, NOT a road race!  I just wasn't a fan AT ALL! 

It started out great...You ran pretty flat down a street and turn onto a main road/bridge however its a pretty decent climb up hill..I managed to kill it and breath then I turn the corner and its a freaking very UN-LEVEL dirt pit for a good 1.5-2 miles.  I saw it and wanted to puke knowing it would kill my legs, pace, mind etc.

I got to the end and wanted to die..I felt wiped out and just done.  Not to mention I was pissed cause I had a AWESOME pace going! The last mile was a total fight and I even walked a few times.  I was hot(wore two shirts one long sleeve), I was tired and my legs were hurting, I was sick of hills which the last few miles were!  The first two miles were just amazing!

I got pretty far ahead of Nichole for a while and was waiting for her to catch up which she finally did and pushed through and got ahead of me the last .20 miles or so.  I was proud of her for pushing hard.  I just wasnt into it.  Not to mention the race was a joke! I clocked in myself at around 49.97.  It was a little more then I wanted however I did not realize it wouldnt be a road race and it wouldnt have 4 serious hills! 

We were all happy to be done!    
I have a few more races lined up!  Id like to run every month from April-September or 6 races!  We shall see if I complete my goal or not.  In all honesty I am not 100% in love with races..I do love just hitting the pavement some days and clearing my head around the house :)

best part of the race watermelon after with my bubba
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