Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gallery Wall

I think I am finally in love with my "gallery" wall in the living room....Its been so many ways!

moving in...
getting fuller but not in love with the frames..
It then got bare!
I of course have been spending a lot of time on blogs and Pinterest and saw a lot of Gallery Walls I just loved!

So I did a little re-arranging..aka hubby came home and the pictures in the hallway were gone as well as the hanging ones in our bedroom and I was outside spray painting a Hob Lob letter!  Yes this is totally normal now in our home..Hes learned to just roll with it cause chances are it will be changed sooner then later!

Yes the couch is back..Yes the trough is empty..Yes there is another part of our window behind the couch...Yes this is totally normal!

I really like it..I smile every time I walk into the room! I am just loving Pinterest and the fact Casey is now 2 and I can actually get some more stuff done around the house!

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