Friday, March 14, 2014

Half of March no spend recap

 So its been 12 days about a paycheck cycle in between when I said we were doing NO spend!  How did we do?  What extra spending did we do or not do?

Groceries have come in actually a little UNDER budget! Ive been spending about 75-100 every two weeks on the items we need.  Then another 40 ish in between for fresh produce, milk etc.  Ive been really trying to meal plan using up a lot of what we have!  Our fridge and pantries are soooo much easier to navigate without a over abundance of food we dont always NEED!

Our gas has been 76 dollars for the past 2 weeks.  I do need a fill up and we do have some gas left over from our last fill up using gas points.  So I may go over in this category!  We shall see!

As for eating out we have yet to eat out our big freebie meal.  We did grab Wendys, Mc Donalds and Chuck E Cheese over the past two weeks to the tune of 30 dollars.  MAJOR upset for me.  Sometimes I just do not plan good.  I am hoping to not eat out fast food ONCE this pay period!  As for eating out we plan on a HIbachi Grill this weekend as a source of entertainment and eating out.

Extras?!  Well we decided to go ahead and spend 80 dollars and register Trevor and Casey for soccer since they both asked and HELLO crazy chaotic schedule the Spring will be no spend cause we will not have time :)  I also know I need to start making some freezer meals and lots of crock pot bags so when the time comes we can still eat at home and avoid take out! We havent spent much.  I did find undies, socks and tights on clearance that I went ahead and grabbed cause we can NEVER seem to save much on those. 

All in all I think I did pretty good these first few weeks.  We have 2 more weeks to go.  Im hoping to make these even better and make a HUGE deposit to our savings! 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

March No Spend!

My husband and I decided after bleeding money in February and the anticipation of bleeding money in April/May we would like to do a NO spend month for March.  We wanted to see how much we could save and how disciplined we could be!

We are allowing ourselved 250 dollars a pay period(every 2 weeks) for Groceries, Gas Points items and Household items.  We would like to stay under this amount but we are leaving it there for couponing deals, meal plans etc.

We have chosen to make meal plans out of MAINLY what we have here in our stockpile.  We are going to use up some items we have a lot of.

We are budgeting 50 dollars a week for Gas.  This means LITTLE extra driving and trying to only use Gas Points gas as we typically save 2.20 per gallon!

As for extras...What are we allowing?  We have budgeting 150 dollars for KIDS stuff and FUN money!  This includes Trevor's baseball or hopefully Soccer sign up fees!  We want to be smart.  Take advantage of the snow and take the kids sledding if they are bored.  Little to NO extras this month. 

We are allowing ourselves ONE eat out dinner that we have a gift card for.  We are allowing 2 nights of fast food for those times when there just isn't any other option.  We want to try and eat ALL meals and snacks and home.  It may mean taking a little extra time to bring snacks, meals etc but its a necessary habit we need to get back into!

As for any extra....We are allowing ourselves basically 100 dollars a week in extra money for stuff that may come up...Kids will need sports gear, if we need anything for the house, cars, etc.  If I do any yard sale buying Id like to have some sales to offset that cost. 

What is our goal?  Use up our stockpile!  Get back to basics and remember to pack lunches, snacks, etc and get away from the convenience things.  Get better with couponing on a regular basis again.  Finally to SAVE!  We would like to save 30% of my husbands income for the Month of March.  Can we do it?  Follow us along? 

We do have a 75 work bonus gift card, a Home Depot gift card and we hope to get 1-2 more work bonus gift cards.  I will update weekly with our spending, saving, and just a general update!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

We bought a car!!

So not very bargain of me to buy a car!  However we needed it!  The time had come to let go of our cheapest vehicle ever! My previous van has around 205k on it, was beginning to rust and was a death trap in the snow.  I would get anxiety anytime we had to go anywhere!

We decided to look last weekend to get a idea of what we wanted to buy!  Our budget was 10k or less! So we looked and looked and test drove.  We ended up finding that what we went to look for was NOT what we wanted!  We ended up getting a fantastic deal(thanks to my husband being in the NH Automotive dealers association) 

We now however do have a smidge of debt!  Our car payment is super low and affordable but we want it GONE! We just made our first big payment of everything that we had saved up for it....We plan on using our tax return and making double payments and hopefully getting it paid off by end of 2014 early 2015!

Its a DREAM in the snow!  Its so much safer for the kids with airbags, stability control etc.  It also has under half the miles my older van had!  Though a little scary to take on debt we feel it was a smart decision for our family!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where have I been and Where do I want to go?

2013 was a CRAZY year! The straw that broke the camels back finally arrived. Turns out me having 4 kids was what put me over the edge! I lost all ability to do anything! I turned to food and stores! In return I have basically gained back EVERYTHING I lost in 2010/2011! I was sad, lost and overwhelmed. Finally towards the end of 2013 I realized what was important. I started to slowly get rid of toxic, nasty disgusting people that were involved in my life. I knew however I wasn't ready to care yet about me. Slowly I have gotten away  from the negativity, the shopping sites, the just all around BAD things.  Slowly we have gotten back on track financially.  We got our emergency fund back! We started using Cash again this month instead of our debit card.  Now its time for me!  I need to get this weight off.  I made my January goal to get on track with fitness.  I would like to work out 3 days a week.  Nothing crazy just 3 work outs with a decent amount of cardio.  As for food I want to take a 80/20 approach.  But I am holding off until February once I get my fitness routine on point.  Hopefully I can start weekly weigh ins, losing weight and some progress pictures.  Follow me along? 

The blog is going to go back to basics.  A family update of sorts with an occasional brag haul or something like that from my shopping adventures as I am back to couponing and saving money not just stupid shopping.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Its a new year!

Ellie is now older! The kids are into a school routine! Life is going well! I've decided that I want to start blogging again! I would like to update on life's little blessings. I love nothing more then looking back and seeing what we have or haven't done! I will be updating soon on our past year, holiday season, the kids, our budgeting goals, fitness goals, etc! Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate links.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

GOOD deals on Pre-School toys

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Deals on BOYS toys

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